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A Fusion of Flavors: House of Pops x Mama Rita

A Fusion of Flavors: House of Pops x Mama Rita

We have some exciting news to share with you all! 🎉 House of Pops is thrilled to announce a delicious collaboration with Mama Rita, a beloved home-grown Lebanese food restaurant. If you haven't tried their mouthwatering meals yet, you're in for a treat!
Mama Rita is all about cooking up healthy Lebanese dishes with a touch of love, using simple clean premium ingredients, and what's more, they are committed to being environmentally friendly with no plastic in their packaging. 🌱
Inspired by the cherished memories of family lunches in Lebanon and a mother’s cooking, House of Pops has developed five exclusive pops for Mama Rita, each bursting with the authentic flavors of the Middle East:
🍊 Orange Blossom: Enjoy the sweetness and bright fragrance of freshly picked blossoms, for a moment of pure bliss. Feel the nostalgia of warm orange blossom with your grandma!
☕ Cold Brew: Savor the rich essence of premium coffee swirled with coconut milk for a sweet burst of energy.
🍫 Choco Matcha: A perfect balance of decadence and richness, with velvety chocolate, vibrant matcha, and coconut milk – inspired by Jessica Kahawaty’s favorite House of Pops collection.
🍑 Peach Paradise: A pop bursting with the juicy sweetness of fresh and perfectly ripe peach slices, just like those giant fruit bowls after Sunday lunch with the family.
🍇 Toot A Beirut توت عبيروت (Mulberry): A delightful treat capturing the essence of Lebanon's iconic mulberry fruit and the jingle you know and love!
An assortment of Mama Rita's pops: Orange Blossom, Choco Matcha, Peach Paradise, Toot A Beirut, and Cold Brew
Our collaboration with Mama Rita represents a delightful fusion of cultures, combining the goodness of House of Pops' signature pops with the authentic taste of Mama Rita's cuisine. It's a match made in culinary heaven! 😋
And guess what? These exclusive pops will be available online on Mama Rita's and House of Pops’s pages and at House of Pops stores, so make sure to visit and indulge in these delightful frozen delights.
So, if you're in the mood for a culinary adventure that combines the best of both worlds - healthy Lebanese flavors and tantalizing pops – order now and experience the taste of love and family with each bite.
Don't forget to share your pop moments with us using #HouseofPopsxMamaRita and tag us on social media. We can't wait to see your smiles and hear your feedback!
Let's celebrate the joy of collaboration, love for good food, and the magic of pops, all in one delightful experience.
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