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All natural ice-cream

All natural ice-cream

Ah, nature, we revere it while stamping it out. The food and beverage industry is ruled by large companies that push artificial ingredients, flavourings, colourings and additives on us all. Unnatural flavours are being used to re-create natural flavours, and we think that shows how badly wrong things have gone.

Enter House of Pops. Born out of a desire to create all-natural ice cream treats, with sustainability at the heart of everything we do.

Our pops were a long time in the making. Sourcing the right ingredients – organic, where possible – meant a long, deep period of research. And we cracked it, bringing the first all-natural, dairy-free, additive free, processed-sugar free anytime treats to the UAE. We are rightly proud of our pops.

Most contain just five ingredients – all-natural ingredients that supply vital nutrients and vitamins found in nature. Think rich organic coconut crema and coconut milk. Exotic fresh fruits – you can even see the pieces in our bars, naturally-occurring sweetener and vegetable fibres. Sweet, delicious, rich, fruity, our pops certainly don’t give you a feeling like you’re denying yourself a treat.

Natural ingredients lead to natural happiness, and we aim to deliver happiness ot everyone, one pop at a time.

At a time when more and more of us seem to be awakening to the concept of ‘food as medicine’ or at least, food for good health, House of Pops means we can all enjoy a quick treat without concern for our health or consumption of other nasties like bad fats, excess calories and those dreaded ‘e’ numbers.

Commercial, mass-produced ‘ice cream’ is far from natural. Packed with bright colours, strong artificial flavours, colourants and chemicals, these supermarket freezer aisle products are not for us. Without naming names, an average tub of US-imported ice cream contains around 30 ingredients.

Expect things like fillers – wheat flours, for example, to bulk the product up, (and making it deadly for those with gluten intolerances) and cheap, nasty sweeteners like high fructose corn syrup .

You’ll find palm oil and soybean oil, too, to make it seem creamier and richer – but, even discounting the environmental issues with oils – these heap on bad fats and calories.

There’s often not only processed milk, but eggs and butter in there too.

Dairy is scary, in our opinion, and we didn’t want to feed our customers food that will make them unhealthy, unhappy or prick their conscience, either.

You want your kids, your sisters and brothers, mothers and father, grandparents, to be able to enjoy a treat, too, right? So do we. People are suffering because of food additives, because of food intolerances, and because of the seemingly laissez-faire attitude big food producers take to consumer health.

We want to turn that suffering into happiness. We keep our pops simple, fresh, and clean. Everyone can eat them, as we’ve ensured they don’t contain any of the 14 major food allergens. Wouldn’t you rather tuck into a House of Pops treat, knowing it will leave you sated but healthy and happy, too?

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