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House of Pops Keto bars bring low-carb treats for all

House of Pops Keto bars bring low-carb treats for all

You’ve probably heard of the keto diet, and might have even tried it. Keto – or ketogenic - diets are characterised by eating high fat, low carb foods.

Since shop-bought ice cream is mostly high in carbs, from all the added sugar, it typically doesn't fit into a keto diet. There are lots of recipes for home made keto ice cream, and those on a keto diet appreciate a treat like ice cream as much as anyone.

But snack saviour House of Pops is saving you the trouble of making ice cream to suit your keto diet, with its Keto range, which forms a key part of its super-popular snack treat selection.

The Keto Series comes in four fun flavours – strawberry, chocolate, vanilla or coffee – and each is guaranteed to be low carb to suit your keto diet needs!

All-natural ingredients and a naturally-occurring sweetener – xylitol (which is actually *good* for your teeth!) make these bars super tasty, and you needn’t be on a keto diet if you fancy trying one!

They’re too good to miss. In fact, I’m typing this with one hand because in the other, of course, is a House of Pops vegan, keto, all-natural, sugar-free ice cream bar.

The House of Pops Strawberry keto bar, for example, artfully blends organic coconut milk, organic coconut cream, natural strawberries, xylitol and natural vegetable fibers – and that’s it. Just five ingredients. Coconut milk and cream are high in good natural fats. Strawberries add natural sweetness and a health-boosting blast of vitamin C, manganese, folate (vitamin B9) and potassium. Strawberries are also rich in antioxidants and plant compounds, which might benefit heart health and blood sugar control. This 80ml super bar packs just 1.7 grams of net carbs and clocks in at just 119 calories. What’s not to love?

Taking this one bar as a shining example of the House of Pops philosophy – it’s easy to understand how the Dubai-based pops and ice cream company is taking the UAE’s dessert market by storm. Tired of unhealthy, highly processed desserts, the House of Pops innovators saw a need for healthy treats without the nasties.

It’s no surprise then, to discover the chocolate flavour keto ice cream bar contains 100% cocoa powder – no fake chocolate flavouring here, thanks. This divinely decadent, creamy chocolate ice cream bar has just ONE net gram of carbs and 150.4 calories. A typical small (100gram) chocolate bar contains 556 calories, and a whopping 60 grams of carbs – so what are you waiting for? Tuck into a treat!


Coffee lovers can grab the keto coffee ice cream bar which has just 0.76 grams of net carbs, and 146 calories. Flavoured with real speciality coffee, this keto bar will leave you feeling alert and refreshed!

The final keto bar in the House of Pops range is the good ol’ vanilla keto bar. Being a House of Pops creation, it doesn’t just have a few drops of artificial vanilla flavouring – rather it’s infused with real organic Madagascan vanilla beans. That’s right. Only one of the most renowned sources of vanilla on the planet. Vanilla sourced from Madagascar has higher concentrations of vanillin than beans from other countries, making the beans more richly-flavoured.

And wait! Did we mention not only are these bars keto-friendly, but House of Pops bars are also: vegan, healthy, dairy-free, natural and sugar-free ice cream?

Because at House of Pops we want to spread happiness one bar at a time. We want you to enjoy your lifestyle and diet choices, guilt free. Take a bar or two, enjoy life, and carry on your day without feeling guilty, or without getting ill from all the nasty additives, artificial ingredients, colourings and flavourings you get in other ice cream bars and pops.

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