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Refined Sugar-free ice cream is yours to happily hold!

Refined Sugar-free ice cream is yours to happily hold!

Sugar free ice cream? Sugar free ice cream? We hear you asking, incredulously. Sounds like an oxymoron, right? Ice cream should be sweet, as sweet as an indulgent dessert must be, right? Not so. Especially when that sweetness is artificial. Most commercial ice cream is not only packed with nasty additives, colourings and thickeners, but also way too much added sweetener – artificial and real.

Yet House of Pops ice cream is refined sugar free. Processed sugar free. And perfectly, naturally sweet. How?

At House of Pops, delivering happiness means delivering healthy treats. We do this by only ever allowing the natural sweetness of the real fruit we use to shine through – along with organic agave, a naturally occurring sweetener from the desert plant, blue agave.

We also use xylitol in our keto-friendly pops. Xylitol might sound like a chemical, but it’s actually derived from the sap of birch trees. It’s not only much sweeter than processed white sugar, but it has a much lower GI* and is actually good for your teeth – an extra bonus when you’re enjoying a special moment of joy induced by tasting our pops.

Of course, our organic coconut creams and milks which form the basis of our sugar-free Keto ice cream pops hold a perfect amount of natural sweetness, so do the real fruit pieces we mentioned above. Just as nature intended, right? There’s no need to add in any nasties, we’ve let nature take care of the sweetness.

Making our pops this way means we deliver the right amount of sweetness, along with a healthy measure of fibre, calories and good fats.

We needn’t get into detail here about the terrifying effects of sugar. It’s variously been described as a poison, an addiction and a curse, depending on who you speak to or read. We agree it’s a poison – refined sugar has no nutritional value and lacks any essential proteins, minerals and vitamins. But, like the next person, we all love a sweet, indulgent ice cream every now and then. (Well, every day really, it is, after all, our job).

We don’t expect people to deny themselves treats. House of Pops allows us all to indulge our sweet tooth, our hedonistic side, to indulge our cravings, guilt-free!

And let’s not forget, not only have we developed a recipe that tastes divinely decadent, but its packed full of all natural, mainly organic ingredients, and plant-based, too.

Whether you want a chocolate fix, refreshing fruit or an indulgent exotic blend like Galactic Lime, you can get it – free from concerns over sugar overloads, additives, allergies or chemical reactions.

So next time you feel like pandering to your own, your family, or your friend’s desire for a sweet treat – indulge them with a healthier, happier pop – let House of Pops provide better health without anyone even noticing!

If you want to check our ingredients, we are totally transparent – head over to our store where everything that’s in our pops is listed.

*The glycaemic index (GI) is a rating system for foods containing carbohydrates. It shows how quickly each food affects your blood sugar (glucose) level. High GI foods are bad (such as some commercial ice cream) as they raise your blood sugar fast, leading to a rapid energy slump (carb coma) a short while afterwards.

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