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Step into happiness with House of Pops’ healthy ice cream pops

Step into happiness with House of Pops’ healthy ice cream pops

Healthy ice cream? Sounds like an oxymoron, right? But not with House of Pops. We’re on a mission to serve up the healthiest ice cream on the planet.

Simple, sustainable and without additives. Our ‘pops’ contain just five basic ingredients – naturally occurring ingredients including organic coconut cream or milk, vegetable fibres, plant-based sweeteners and fruit, for example. We source the best ingredients, and will never add artificial sweeteners, colours or flavours.

We want people to enjoy a sweet treat, happy in the knowledge that the ingredients do you good. Food as medicine, if you like – and if medicine were delicious!

Creating healthy ice cream pops came from a place where we were tired of seeing all the additive-riddled ice cream products available in super markets. We love people, we love the planet, and we love making all-natural, healthy ice cream.

Sugar is addictive. It’s not healthy. It makes our blood glucose spike (that’s the euphoria often associated with ingesting sugary foods), but then plummet. This can lead to mood swings, fatigue, headaches and, most worryingly, cravings for more sugar. These cravings can lead to a cycle of addiction, leading to getting regular sugar fixes which leave you feeling great temporarily, but, a few hours later, leads to more cravings and hunger.

Our pops have organic agave in them. This plant-based sweetener is actually sweeter than processed sugar – so you need less off it, and being low on the Glycemic index means it avoid the spike/ plummet cycle of sugar. It helps maintain a healthy metabolism and, being richer in minerals and vitamins than sugar, helps lift your mood and leaves you feeling emotionally balanced and energised.

There are too many desserts and treats that rely on artificial additives to create sweetness, colour and taste. We’ve rolled back the ingredients, searching for all-natural solutions that leave you feeling full of joy, sated and ready to face the challenges of modern living. Hence our launch range is called the Happiness Collection.

Whether you fancy one after the gym, for breakfast, to give the kids a treat after school, or just anytime, really, you can eat these pops free from guilt and happy in the knowledge that they are lower calorie, lower fat and higher fibre than most other dessert treats in the market.

And did we mention our healthy ice creams are vegan too? And that they are all packaged in biodegradable packaging? So every time you buy from House of Pops, you’re avoiding animal cruelty, helping do your bit for the environment, and maintaining good health and a positive mood.

Who knew something so healthy could be so tasty, and have so many other benefits too?

What are you waiting for? Come join our mission to spread nature-flavoured happiness, one pop at a time!

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