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Where can you get the best vegan ice cream in Dubai?

Where can you get the best vegan ice cream in Dubai?

Ice cream has long been considered a treat – whether as a refreshing snack on the beach, or a decadent end to a great meal – but being based on dairy products, vegans might have been missing out.

But not anymore. Vegan ice cream has gone mainstream, with big producers like Ben & Jerry’s and Häagen-Dazs offering a range of dairy-free, plant-based options. However, House of Pops has taken vegan ice cream offerings a step further – offering super healthy, all-natural, eco-friendly ice cream bars.

After all, many vegans avoid processed foods, and others want to avoid having too much sugar and fat in their diet. Other vegans avoid animal-based foods for health reasons, as well as mindfully avoiding animal cruelty and wishing to help save the environment with a plant-based diet.

Joining the global dessert producers but bucking the trend of unhealthy, additive-packed, ice cream, is Dubai-born brand, House of Pops. If you are one of the many vegans who eschew unhealthy products, the House of Pops range might just be the treat you were missing.

Created from a desire to provide super–healthy minimal-ingredient treats, House of Pops vegan ice creams feature just a few natural, mainly organic ingredients, and no nasties.

House of Pops’ ice creams are not only fun to eat, but high in fibre, free from refined sugar, colourings, preservatives and E numbers – making them a guilt-free treat for all the family.

How many ice cream brands do you know that deliver all of this? And how, you might ask?

House of Pops ice creams are based on organic coconut milk and organic coconut cream, with funky fresh flavours added into the mix, and naturally-occurring sweeteners – like organic agave.

Take the Royal range, for example. This funky flavour catwalk includes indulgent Chocolate Banana, Chocolate Strawberry, Coconut Strawberry and Mango Strawberry.

Chocolate banana flavour is just that. The happiness--promoting ice cream stick takes organic coconut milk, organic coconut cream and organic agave, artfully blends in natural banana, 100% cocoa powder and natural vegetable fibres to create a dream ice cream.

And what’s more – this whopping 120ml bar comes in at just 220 calories.

For all of the fun and even fewer calories – happy, healthy people should grab a Royal Mango Strawberry bar – which packs all the goodness of natural mango, natural strawberry, organic agave, natural vegetable fibres and natural lime juice into an anytime delicious treat that packs just 96 calories, and with real strawberry slices, will grace your ‘gram feed!

Is there a better way to get your five a day? We don’t think so. While the Royal range of ice creams is a delight for the heart, soul and mind, the House of Pops Keto range takes snacking to a whole new level.

Ever mindful of health, House of Pops ice cream artisans re-imagined popular flavours for those who favour a higher fat, low-carb ‘Keto’ diet. These sugar-free vegan keto ice creams, featuring organic coconut milk and cream, natural fruits and natural sweeteners, come in strawberry, coffee, vanilla or chocolate flavours.

The vanilla keto bar, as an example, combines organic coconut milk, organic coconut cream, natural sweetener xylitol, natural vegetable fibres and organic Madagascan vanilla beans into an ice cream that you simply won’t believe can taste so good but be so healthy.

Delivering just 0.9 grammes of net carbs, this keto-friendly vegan treat is just 145 calories, too.

Built on brand values that put plants and people first, House of Pops has a strong focus on purity, wellness and sustainability. The bars come in eco-friendly, plastic-free, compostable packaging and, we hope, deliver a daily dose of happiness!

So. Now you know where to get the best vegan ice cream in Dubai, just look out for the House of Pops happiness carts across the UAE, or order online here.

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