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Vegan plant-based ice cream pops – what the what now?

Vegan plant-based ice cream pops – what the what now?

House of Pops set out with a mission to create happiness, one pop at a time. And part of that drive towards happiness is creating foods that make you smile. Bright, cheerful, naturally-coloured foods. Foods that lift your mood and energise you, without any of the nasty additives, colourings, chemicals and sugars we see in major brands of ice cream and popsicles.

A traditional, non-vegan ice cream pops might contain all sorts of animal-derived flavourings, colourings, thickeners and stabilisers. All things we believe a good treat doesn’t need, and you don’t deserve.

But what’s ice cream pops anyway? Basically, any ice cream or water ice on a small wooden stick. They are also often called ice lollies, lollipops, or lollies. Whatever you fancy calling them, they’re good. And ours are a little better – because they’re vegan too!

Vegan pops – made without animal products or cruelty to animals – means they’re not only good for you and your family (anytime – go on, take one for breakfast) but also good for the planet.

Studies show being vegan helps stop producing as much planet-damaging chemicals, (the so-called ‘greenhouse gases’) which are largely created by the mass production and slaughter of animals for human consumption.

Even if you’d rather carry on eating burgers, choosing a naturally plant-based treat over a calorific, additive laden alternative is a bit of a no-brainer, right?

Our pops – which come in three styles - classic happiness bars, our market-leading keto range and the indulgent royal pops – are all made with plant-based coconut milk and coconut cream. Natural sweeteners – agave or xylitol, both extracted from plants, are added and the only other ingredients are vegetable fibres for structure, texture and binding, and real fruit or natural flavours and ingredients, like strawberry or 100% cocoa powder.

When vegan food tastes this good, who needs dairy milk?

Many vegans turn to unprocessed, plant-based foods for their health, (plant-based vegans) but an equal number eschew animal products for the planet (ethical vegans). We’re also committed to sustainability at House of Pops. Our commitment goes beyond creating the tastiest, most ‘pop’ular (see what we did there?) vegan pops in the market - we have ensured our impact is minimal, organic ingredients are carefully, mindfully sourced, and our packaging industrially biodegrades. Being locally-made (at House of Pops HQ in the UAE), our impact in terms of air miles and carbon footprint is kept low, and we are working towards carbon neutrality in our business.

Whether you’re looking to treat yourself, your kids, your guests or deliver happiness in a pop to all your hard-working team mates, one of our vegan pops truly delivers joy, and you can remain happy in the knowledge that our pops aren’t hurting animals, the planet or our bodies.

What’s not to like? Head over to the House of Pops online store and try the best vegan treat on the planet!


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