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Keto Series

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. House of Pops’s ice cream pops are inclusive by design. Our full range is 100% natural, plant-based, free from refined sugar. We don’t use any nuts, dairy, soy, or gluten in any of our flavors to make sure that anyone can have a pop! Our ice cream pops are high in fruit and low in calories, too! You might be thinking though, “does House of Pops cater to all dietary or lifestyle preferences? Do they have a keto ice cream that I can order online?” The answer is simply: YES! We have a full keto friendly ice cream collection that you can order online, buy at one of our stores, or even at supermarkets! 

If you’re still exploring/researching the Keto diet, a keto friendly ice cream means a frozen treat that is low in carbs and higher in fats. House of Pops offers four keto ice cream pops available for delivery: Keto Coconut Vanilla, Keto Chocolate, Keto Coffee, and Keto Strawberry. Instead of organic agave (which is considered a carb), we sweeten our Keto collection with the natural sugars you find in raspberries in plums, which help maintain a lower net carb count in our pops. You can order these keto friendly ice creams online, or you can try them at any one of our stores! If you’re looking for a larger quantity for your home freezer, you can order a pack of  8 Keto pops online, or pass by your nearest hypermarket and purchase our assortment of 4 mini keto pops.

Thought we wouldn't have a KETO option? Think again! Choose one of our KETO flavors and enjoy a refreshing moment when you need it!